Alternative Spine Fusion Treatment In Southern California For Back Pain

Did you know that most patients do not require a fusion?
Studies show that only one out of ten patients with low back pain will ever require surgery. Many times we are able to decompress nerves with a minimally invasive approach. This involves a 30 minute procedure and the application of a band-aid on the small incision. Patients usually go home the same day! They can usually go back to work the next day! These patients should receive early consultation by a conservative spine surgeon in order to coordinate appropriate care.

Only 10% of our new patients require surgery.
Thanks to advances in science and medicine, patients suffering from low back pain are no longer automatically scheduled for spine surgery. On the contrary, a mere 10% of all new patients will ever need surgery to correct their lower back pain. Dr. Virella is able to treat patients who previously might have needed open surgery to perform spinal fusion, with a far less invasive procedure.

In most cases, patients of Dr. Virella will benefit from our expertise in decompressing nerves using a minimally invasive approach. Requiring only a tiny incision, nerve decompression has proven to eradicate low back pain for countless Virella Neurosurgery patients in Valencia, Westlake Village, Simi Valley and surrounding Southern California communities. In fact, this 30 minute procedure performed by Dr. Virella often requires nothing more than a small bandage to cover the incision, and patients return home the same day, with the opportunity to return to work the following day.

Virella Neurosurgery is an extremely conservative neurosurgical practice. In fact, only about 10% of our patients require surgery. This is well below the national average for spine practices. Dr. Virella strives to treat patients as conservative as possible initially, utilizing techniques such as physical therapy, epidural injections, anti-inflammatory medications and best rest. When surgery is indicated we use cutting edge minimally invasive spine surgery techniques to help our patients get back to work sooner

When it comes to successful treatment of low back pain, early detection and consultation is your best course of treatment. Dr. Virella is proud to provide conservative care, wherein back surgery is never the first option to treat your low back pain. In fact, our neurosurgery practice boasts statistics for surgery well below the national average for back and spine practices.

As a board certified spine surgeon, Dr. Virella will first work with you to determine whether your low back pain may be alleviated through using nonsurgical techniques including physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medications, and in some cases epidural injections. When surgery is required, Virella Neurosurgery is committed to using only the least invasive forms, in order to expedite the healing time, and to minimize pain and scarring.

When surgery is required, Dr. Virella is pleased to be affiliated with Los Robles Hospital and Medical Center in Thousand Oaks, CA; Thousand Oaks Surgical Hospital, Thousand Oaks, CA; Town Center Surgery in Valencia, CA; Temple Community Hospital in Los Angeles, CA; Simi Valley Hospital, in Simi Valley, CA, and Mission Community Hospital in Panorama City, CA

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Anthony Virella, please call us at 805.449.0088. We have offices in Simi Valley, Valencia, and Westlake Village for your convenience. Our office is very accommodating and our only objective is to help you to receive the proper treatment for your low back pain, so you can get back to enjoying life.