Minimally Invasive Treatment for Herniated Discs in Southern California

A full 80% of back pain symptoms indicating a herniated disc will resolve without surgery. Indeed, studies have proven that the overwhelming majority of patients suffering from back pain caused by a herniated disc will never need surgery to treat their back pain. Instead, Dr. Virella is able to treats patients suffering from back and spine pain in Southern California using a variety of nonsurgical treatments. These nonsurgical treatments for back pain may include physical therapy, epidural injections, and/or anti-inflammatory medications, coupled with rest.

Dr. Virella is proud to run a conservative neurosurgical practice wherein surgery is always the last option. When surgery is required to treat your back pain, Dr. Virella prefers only the least invasive surgical techniques.

In fact, only 10% of Dr. Virella’s New Patients suffering from back and spine pain require surgery.

That’s right. A mere 10% of new patients visiting Virella Neurosurgery will require any form of surgery. Dr. Virella strives to treat patients with spine and back pain and disorders in Simi Valley, Valencia, Westlake Village, and surrounding communities with the most conservative treatment modalities available. If surgery is required to successfully treat your low back pain, Dr. Virella will employ only the most sophisticated, minimally invasive back and spine surgery techniques to ensure an expedient period of recovery, with the least amount of pain and scarring.

To schedule an appointment to begin treating your low back pain at Virella Neurosurgery, contact our friendly staff today at 805.449.0088. Dr. Virella has offices in Simi Valley, Westlake Village, and Valencia for your convenience. Dr. Virella performs minimally invasive surgery, when necessary in Panorama City, Thousand Oaks, Valencia, and Los Angeles.