Philip Rivers Playing With Bulging Disc In His Back

Reports have come about that San Diego Chargers QB Philip Rivers has been playing the past few weeks with a bulging disc in his back. Despite this, he has the Charger in a position to make the playoffs as a wild-card team for the second straight season.

The reports came about the day after he led the Chargers to a huge comeback win over the San Francisco 49ers, to keep their season alive. It has been said that Rivers has been nursing this injury for 3 weeks and it has required emergency outside treatment.

A bulging disc is one of the most common conditions of the lumbar spine. The fibrous outer portion of the disc degenerates over time, causing the disc to bulge. If that disc impinges the nearest nerve, the pain will travel to the lower region of the body (hips, legs, buttocks, feet).

A full 80% of back pain symptoms indicating a bulging disc will resolve without surgery. Studies have proven that the overwhelming majority of patients suffering from back pain caused by a bulging disc will never need surgery to treat their back pain.

Dr. Anthony Virella strives to treat patients with spine and back pain and disorders using the most conservative treatment modalities available. This would include therapy, epidural injections, and/or anti-inflammatory medications, coupled with rest. If surgery is required to treat your low back pain, Dr. Virella will employ only the most sophisticated, Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery techniques to ensure an expedient period of recovery, with the least amount of pain and scarring.

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