So You’ve Bee Told You Need Back Surgery? Now What?

Low back pain and neck pain are prevalent in the general community. In fact, these conditions are experienced by so many people that it accounts for 35-40% of all visits to the primary care physician  Often times, this will generate a referral to a spine surgeon.  Visiting the spine surgeon can be a scary experience for many as the thought of spine “surgery” scares may people. Some will forego or postpone the visit, thinking that it will mean an “automatic” operation. This is furthest from the truth! I operate on only about 10% of the patients I see in the office. I frequently treat the conditions I encounter with physical therapy, pain management techniques, and other various nonsurgical therapies. If I can get someone better without surgery, I have succeeded in treating the patient. After all, the conservative modalities have been exhausted then and only then will I offer the patient an operation. Whenever possible this operation will involve minimally invasive techniques which have been shown in the literature to reduce hospitalization stays, cost less, and decrease the use of pain medications.  Many of the patients have the procedures as an outpatient and can get back to work the next day with a tiny incision that is barely detectable! It is sincerely a privilege to now be in the Santa Clarita Valley and be able to offer these cutting edge minimally invasive approaches to the members of the community.  I look forward to meeting you and helping you finally get rid of your neck and low back pain!