Tony Romo and Cam Newton Are Recovering Well From Back Injuries

Tony Romo and Cam Newton were able to lead their teams to playoff victories this week against two tough teams. Another thing they have in common is that they both suffered an uncommon spinal fracture during the course of the year and were able to recover from it.

During an early season game against the Redskins, Romo took a helmet to the lower back and had to exit the game. Less than a month ago, Cam Newton was involved in a two-car accident on his way to practice, which caused his truck to flip twice. Both were diagnosed with transverse process fractures and were forced to miss just one game.

A fracture of a transverse process is a break in one of the bones that surround the spine. These bones extend out from the side of the main body of the bone and are shaped like a wing. They extend from both the left and right sides of the vertebral body.

Patients with transverse process fractures often have severe pain, even if the actual break is small or limited and there is no injury to the surrounding bones, organs, or the spinal cord. X-rays and special imaging (CT scan and MRI imaging) are used to confirm the diagnosis as well as to find out the type and severity of the fracture.

The reason that these two-star quarterbacks were able to return to action so quickly is because this injury does not typically require surgical care. In fact, Newton and Romo only missed one week of action and have been back to their fast-paced style of play.

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