When Pain Replaces Passion: Back Pain And Sex

For those with chronic low back pain, there is a host of activities and physical tasks that can trigger pain.  Most patients know better than to lift heavy objects, engage in strenuous exercise or even sit in a certain position for too long.  However, one area plagues many sufferers but is often a taboo subject- sex.

For both men and women, sex requires prolonged use of the muscles of the low back and core.  For someone with a pre-existing spinal condition, the use of these muscles, as well as the strenuous motions of sex, can trigger an episode of back pain that can last several days or hours.  In many cases, sufferers will forego sex or curtail their sexual activity substantially in an effort to avoid injury.  Although this may seem like a short term solution this approach can have longer term effects that go beyond the physical.  Sex is not only a physical outlet but an emotional one as well and serves to strengthen relationships.  When these activities are less frequent, it may create feelings of inadequacy and insecurity for your partner.  It is important to have an open dialogue about an issue such as this so that the emotional tolls can be avoided.

If chronic back or neck pain is affecting any aspect of your life it is important to speak with a specialist and create a treatment path that fits your needs and goals.

Dr. Anthony Virella is a Board-Certified, Fellowship trained Neurological Spine Surgeon with advanced training in the management of complex spinal disorders. He attended medical school at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and is a graduate of the UCLA Neurosurgery Residency Program. Dr. Virella completed his complex spine in-folding resident fellowship at the world renowned Cleveland Clinic Foundation with Dr. Edward C. Benzel, M.D. Additional work included a second fellowship in Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery at the UCLA Comprehensive Spine Center. Dr. Virella is a nationally recognized specialist in the field of complex and Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery and has offices located in Westlake Village, Simi Valley, and Valencia.  Call us at 805.449.0088 to schedule an appointment in Valencia, Simi Valley or Westlake Village today.